Charity Profiles

1. Covenant House Toronto

Covenant House Toronto is dedicated to providing shelter, support, and opportunities for homeless and at-risk youth in Toronto. They offer a range of services, including emergency housing, education, job training, and mental health support, empowering young individuals to build brighter futures.



2. Animals Asia

Animals Asia is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to end the bear bile farming industry and promote animal welfare across Asia. They rescue and rehabilitate bears, provide veterinary care, and advocate for an end to this inhumane practice. They also work to raise awareness and improve animal welfare standards in the region.



3. Only One

Only One is committed to fighting against plastic pollution and protecting our oceans. They engage in educational initiatives, organize clean-up campaigns, and support research and innovation for sustainable solutions. Through their efforts, they strive to create a world where marine life thrives and future generations can enjoy clean and healthy oceans.



4. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is dedicated to the conservation of elephants and other wildlife in East Africa. They rescue and rehabilitate orphaned elephants, baby rhinos and more and reintegrate them into the wild, and work to protect their natural habitats. Their holistic approach combines wildlife preservation, community engagement, and public awareness campaigns.



5. World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a global organization that focuses on the well-being and protection of animals worldwide. They work to end animal cruelty, protect animals in disasters, and promote sustainable animal welfare practices. Their campaigns address issues such as the fur trade, wildlife exploitation, factory farming, and animal entertainment.



Impact Stories:

We are proud to share some stories of the impact our support has had on the charities we work with. Through our contributions, we have witnessed the transformation of young lives, the successful rescue and rehabilitation of animals, and the positive changes brought about in communities. These stories inspire us to continue our philanthropic efforts and make a lasting difference.

How to Get Involved:

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Updates and Events:

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