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Finally, I found an agent who can do the job RIGHT! AMP Talent Group is the agency you want representing, guiding and managing your career. The t...Finally, I found an agent who can do the job RIGHT! AMP Talent Group is the agency you want representing, guiding and managing your career. The team truly cares about their talent and how they are treated. The agency truly works for you. If you are a serious talent who is considering the next step to propel your career forward, I strongly recommend AMP Talent Group!”
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Karen Johnson

As a client of AMP Talent Group, you are presented with amazing top-quality auditions and opportunities in feature films, episodic television and...As a client of AMP Talent Group, you are presented with amazing top-quality auditions and opportunities in feature films, episodic television and all other areas of work in entertainment. I love many things about this agency, and specifically working directly with Anne Marie. To mention a few things, would be the absolute professionalism of the entire team, producing results (not just promises), and the fact that they truly care about their talent. My Talent Agent, Anne Marie’s talent management style is both positive, empowering and encouraging.  The entire team provide excellent communication and valuable advice in my career. I highly recommend the team and staff!! Thank you shout out to Anne Marie, Sarah, Isabella, Emma and Jacob!!
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Danny Boushebel

As an actor and model working with AMP Talent Group, words cannot express how impressed I am with their exceptional services and support. My expe...As an actor and model working with AMP Talent Group, words cannot express how impressed I am with their exceptional services and support. My experience with the agency has been consistently outstanding, which is why I am giving them a well-deserved 10/10! The opportunities they present have played a significant role in the development of my career. Their team is attentive, proactive, and knowledgeable, providing me with vital guidance every step of the way. The quality of auditions they secure for me consistently exceeds my expectations, and I can confidently say that they have my best interests at heart. I have witnessed firsthand how dedicated AMP Talent Group is to nurturing their talent's careers, offering valuable insights and resources to help us grow and succeed in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to supporting their talents is unparalleled. I highly recommend AMP Talent Group to fellow talent seeking professional representation. For anyone looking to elevate their career and work with a committed and reliable team, this agency is undoubtedly the optimal choice.”
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Aida King

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Over the years, AMP Talent Group has consistently proven itself as a leader in the entertainment industry. We are proud to showcase five prestigious awards that we've received, further solidifying our commitment to nurturing and promoting talented individuals like yourself.

1. *Best Talent Agency* 2023

Recognizing our dedication to discovering and fostering new talents, we were honored with this esteemed award by Canada Prestige Awards.

2. *Talent Agency of the Year* 2022

As a testament to our expert team's skill in career development, Canada Prestige Awards awarded us for our contributions to the entertainment industry.

3. *Best Talent Agency* Canadian Business Awards 2022

In acknowledgment of our cutting-edge approach to talent & model development and mentorship, we received this accolade from Corporate Vision.

4. *Leading Talent Agency* Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021

Praised for our professional and dedicated representation and innovative online services during the pandemic, Corporate LiveWire recognized our unwavering commitment to our clients.

5. *Best Actor & Modelling Agency* 2020

Embracing a diverse and inclusive approach to talent discovery, we were honored by Corporate Vision for promoting a wide range of artists and performers. Seize this opportunity to work with our award-winning agency through our limited-time Free Consultation! Our industry experts are eager to help you unlock your full potential and navigate the road to stardom.

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As a talent partner for this renowned brand, we provided exceptional talents for their advertising campaigns, leading to an impressive boost in visibility and market share.


We sourced and managed a team of outstanding talents for this innovative project, contributing to its success and garnering praise from industry experts.

Game of Thrones

Our agency was instrumental in discovering and placing noteworthy performers for this prestigious event, reinforcing our reputation as a top talent provider.

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