Press Release: August 4, 2023: AMP Talent Group

awarded Corporate Vision


AMP Talent Group is a leading talent agency based in Toronto, Ontario. It grows its talent pool, and reputation, year upon year, so that it may help its clients to succeed. By managing and encouraging its assortment of gifted artists, models, and influencers, AMP helps them to partner with their dream employer.

Founded in 2004, AMP Talent Group is an impeccable talent agency which fills many roles and positions with its diverse set of clients. From Fortune 100 and 500 companies to small-scale businesses, AMP does more than fill spaces for them – it finds the perfect match every time.


AMP Talent Group is a top talent agency Toronto, Ontario. It grows its talent pool, and reputation, year upon year, so that it may help its clients to succeed. By managing and encouraging its assortment of gifted actors, models, hosts, and influencers, and more, AMP Talent Group helps them to partner with their dream employer.

When it comes to large businesses, AMP Talent Group works with larger corporations such as Amazon, American Express, Microsoft, and more. However, the size of the business doesn’t matter, it’s the heart that matters – the passion and the drive to succeed pushes people to working with AMP, and it truly delivers on every promise. Working with small to large studios, international broadcasters, agencies for digital marketing, and many more, AMP wields a selection of up-and-coming individuals looking to make their mark on the world around them.

Committed to being the driving force behind talent acquisition and making dreams come true, AMP works with two types of clients – gathering rising-stars then delivering them to companies in need of top talent.

AMP’s comprehensive, professional, and respectful representation of its clients guarantees a full-service approach. This is so that all auditions, casting calls, and bookings – from contract negotiation to promotion – can run smoothly. AMP Talent Group, a talent agency near me, consultants are the very cornerstone of the business, and they have years of experience in finding and acquiring the best of the best when it comes to top-quality talent. They have all the tools needed to aid both individuals and businesses in their endeavours, in a way that promises – and delivers – working relationships that stand the test of time.

The company cultivates a nurturing environment for its clients, so that it may find the best partnerships for every outcome. This results in the delivery of high quality talent for its large network of businesses looking to succeed for the years to come.

AMP Talent Agencies, knows that it’s not a one-size-fits-all world and talent must be perfectly matched with the right environment for development and satisfaction – for both parties. The agency offers decades of experience in matchmaking, connecting prestigious talent with the right role for them. Its pairing ensures that the connection is made to last, thus, elevating workforces, entertainment, and more.

Corporate Vision has a great history in recognising AMP as we presented it with Best Actor & Model Agency Ontario 2020, Leading Talent Agency of the Year 2021 – Ontario, and Celebrity Engagement & Talent Management Agency of the Year 2022 – Eastern Canada. Its work is a shining example of a match made in heaven as it continues to unite talented people with their dream opportunities.

With other awards such as Innovation & Excellence Awards for Leading Talent Agency Ontario 2021 by Corporate LiveWire and the Canada Prestige Award 2022 for Talent Agency of the Year, AMP Talent Group, agency near me, is a name many won’t forget.

AMP’s extensive experience and valuable team members allows it to continue improving the industries around it. Not limited to one industry, AMP works with a plethora of clients who each have their own goals and aspirations. And, AMP has one goal – to be the trusted partner for both rising stars and established talent. Of course, its efforts have not gone unnoticed.

If you’re looking for your dream role or you’re someone hoping to hire the perfect candidate, AMP Talent Group is the gold-standard agency to consult.


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