Press Release December 15, 2020: AMP Talent Group is honoured to be awarded the Small Business Award, Best Actor & Model Agency Ontario by Corporate Vision.

AMP Talent Group Clinches Small Business Award for Best Actor and Model Agency Ontario by Corporate Vision

AMP Talent Group Clinches Small Business Award for Best Actor and Model Agency Ontario by Corporate Vision

Toronto, Ontario – December 15, 2020 – AMP Talent Group, a prominent talent agency dedicated to representing and cultivating exceptional artists in the entertainment industry, is pleased to reveal their latest achievement as Best Actor and Model Agency Ontario in the Small Business Awards hosted by Corporate Vision.

These prestigious annual Small Business Awards by Corporate Vision recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of small businesses across various industries for their outstanding performance, innovation, and success. AMP Talent Group’s win highlights their commitment to providing exceptional representation and nurturing the careers of actors and models in Ontario.


Upon receiving the recognition, the founder of AMP Talent Group extended their gratitude to the hardworking staff, agents, and clients who have made this achievement possible: “We dedicate this award to the extraordinary talents we represent and the hardworking team members who have consistently delivered top-quality service. Our agents, clients, and support staff are the driving force behind our success as we continue to uphold excellence in talent representation.”


AMP Talent Group, established in 2004, has been a leading force within the entertainment industry, collaborating with an array of acclaimed local, national, and international clients. The agency’s unwavering dedication to offering personalized guidance and support for their roster of actors and models has garnered them an impeccable reputation for delivering quality results.


This recognition by Corporate Vision adds to the long list of accomplishments earned by AMP Talent Group, reflecting their dedication to innovation, excellence, and passion for nurturing the careers of their talents within the ever-evolving entertainment sector.


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About AMP Talent Group:

AMP Talent Group is a premier principal talent agency located in Ontario, specializing in the representation and management of actors and models across various entertainment sectors. Recognized for their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, AMP Talent Group has cultivated enduring partnerships with top-tier clients and nurtured an impressive roster of artists since its inception.


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