Press Release 2021 : AMP Talent Group

The prestigious Canada Prestige Awards has named AMP Talent Group Inc

Award Winner 2021 AMP Talent Group CANADA PRESTIGE Award Winner “Talent Agency of the Year”

Toronto, Ontario – 2021 – The prestigious Canada Prestige Awards has named AMP Talent Group Inc. as the Talent Agency of the Year - Ontario for 2021. recognizing their exceptional work in nurturing and representing talented individuals in the entertainment industry. The award highlights the agency's consistent efforts in delivering outstanding results and contributing to the growth of the arts and culture sector in Ontario.

For those looking to enter the limelight, the right team of support dedicated to nurturing talent is essential. AMP Talent Group has now won Leading Talent Agency of the Year 2021 – Ontario, for its surfeit of exceptional agents. Here we look at the sort of representation and talent that it offers to each of its clients.



AMP was founded in 2004 and has become a leading force in the talent agency world. But it doesn’t confine itself to one particular sector. It supplies the finest representation through its artist management, talent acquisition and branding services. Offering great negotiation, packaging, and publicity for its clients, it forms strong and long-lasting relationships that see it through from the beginning to the end of every one of its professional interactions.


It boasts talent that will change the way we see global brands, leaders in marketing agencies, finance, pharmaceutical companies, retail, beauty, communications, and consumer goods. Located in central Canada, Ontario, AMP is presenting both international and local companies.


AMP offers its services through a range of professional talent, from actors, to musicians, models, comedians, athletes, and more. Recognized as a leader in its industry, AMP is empowering each client into thinking outside of the box.


By managing emerging gifted artists and influencers of all age ranges, genders, and backgrounds, AMP is able to provide the best talent to businesses and brands across the board. So, if you’re looking for someone to perk up your programme or top up your tempo, AMP has the perfect fit for you.


AMP works with both Fortune 100 and 500 companies based worldwide, as well as with small-scale companies. With its large clients ranging from Amazon to American Express, Apple to Warner Bros, Shell to Microsoft, and much more, AMP can find talent for any company regardless of its size. For all international broadcasters, studios, and digital television networks, as well as advertising, marketing agencies, AMP has a range of artists and rising stars that will bring a breath of fresh air into any business.


AMP is both ardent and dedicated to its work with its portfolio of qualified agents and clients. By being able to deliver the best talent to the businesses that it works with, AMP encourages success for all. Its core values are integrity, diversity, inclusion, honesty, respect, and professionalism. It does everything it can to provide a variety of personalities and skill sets that will not just fill positions but enrich the companies that it works with.


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